Masters Property Group is a small family-run business based in Thatcham, Berkshire. We have been professionally trained in property investing and have been investing ourselves with our own money for the past 3 years.

Stephen and Natalie

Our initial focus was to provide a comfortable life for ourselves and our son by using property investing as the vehicle, however this has now expanded and we would like to offer our services to help fellow investors grow their asset-base or capital. We can achieve this by sourcing deals for investors to take on themselves, or by working together with investors so we can both grow and create shared value.

We like to provide a very personal service and pride ourselves in our work ethic and commitment to providing value to our customers and investors.

Please feel free to contact us at any point if you would like to have an open and frank chat about what we can offer you.

Stephen Masters


Stephen has spent 16 years running his consultancy business before making the change and going into property investing full time. His field of expertise is Project Management, in particular Project Controls and Risk Management within the defence sector. Previous clients include the Ministry of Defence, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Airbus, General Dynamics and EDF Energy.

Having had a son in 2015 with his now wife Natalie, he has a renewed sense of purpose and drive to provide for his family and to help others grow to provide for their respective families.

Natalie Masters


Natalie’s background is in education starting her career off as a primary school teacher. She soon rose through the ranks and took on more responsibility when she moved to a school that had not even been built (where she was the only teacher for the first year). She was pivotal in getting the school up and running, developing the curriculum, carrying out numerous roles within the school that typically would have been undertaken by several people, and the jewel in the crown is that her hard work was rewarded with the school’s first OFSTED rating being outstanding. Natalie left education after the birth of her and Stephen’s son and now enjoys the time spent with him and helping run the family property business.