If you own a property that you're struggling to sell, or want to maximise its potential before putting it on the market but don't have the available funds, talk to us to see if we can fully refurbish and add value to your property, all at our expense.

Want to sell your property and get the maximum price for it? We will carry out and pay for the necessary works to improve your home to maximise its potential.

We understand that it can be difficult to sell a property for the best possible price when it needs a lot of work done to it – this may be due to the property being vacant for a long time and falling into disrepair, or simply that it’s dated and needs to be brought back to life with a full or partial refurbishment, which is where we can help.

An assisted sale is exactly what is says on the tin, we will assist you in selling your property.  We do this by taking control of your property, carrying out the necessary works to improve it which may be a light/heavy refurbishment, an extension, planning gain for additional dwellings, anything we can do to increase the value of your property we will do, and all at our own expense.  We will then market and sell the property on your behalf and the additional profit gained will be split between yourself as the homeowner, and us, which is where we get our profit.

Key benefits of using us for an assisted sale:

  • The property will be in a much better condition, meaning it will appeal to more buyers and hence be easier and quicker to sell
  • The property will be able to achieve the maximum possible sale price
  • We take on all the costs to carry out the works, meaning you as the homeowner won’t have to spend a penny
  • We can work very quickly if needed and can improve a property and get it back on the market in a matter of weeks

Creating a win-win-win scenario

Winner 1, The Homeowner.  Our aim is to get your property sold for a higher price, meaning more money in your pocket, as opposed to it sitting on the market for months and months while the price continually gets reduced

Winner 2, The Estate Agent.  Put simply, the estate agent will have a higher value property to sell, meaning more commission for them.

Winner 3, Us.  A question we like to be asked is “what’s in it for you?”  Put simply, we can make a modest profit in a relatively short amount of time without the delays and costs of going through conveyancing to purchase, refurb and sell a property – essentially we’re carrying out a flip without buying the property.

If using us for an assisted sale is something that may be of interest, either if you are a homeowner or an estate agent, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch so see if we can help you.

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