If you have money to invest or want to get into property investing but don’t know how or simply haven’t got the time, then this is where you can leverage our experience and available time to your benefit.

Want to invest in property to increase your wealth but don’t know how or don’t have the time? We can help you.

At MPG Developments we have a number of various ways where we can work together to help build up your capital through new developments, flips and commercial conversions. We do also offer longer term, income generating projects which can provide you with a truly passive income.

The specific strategy that we can utilise to build your wealth is dependent on your individual circumstances and we will need to qualify you to ensure that you meet our criteria for certain strategies.

As an example of one of the ways we can serve you, we offer opportunities to invest in one of our conversion projects. Please see below for an overview of this.

Commercial Conversions

  • For those investors who have cash available and want to do more with it but may not have the time, experience, knowledge or desire to go it alone and undertake a development on your own, we offer a fully hands-off option for you (which can be more hands-on if you wish).
  • To put it simply, we will use the cash available (combined with senior debt lending) and our knowledge and experience to purchase a commercial building that you the investor, and us, jointly own. We will manage the project from start to finish, from initial acquisition, all of the conversion works, and finally for the sale of all of the residential units.
  • Once all units have sold we jointly share the benefits.
  • When the time is right and the right deal for you comes along again, we can repeat the process if you wish  and continually grow your initial investment multiple times over, all without the need for you to take any time away from your family, work, or other commitments.

If this is of interest to you, or if you would like to understand how else we may be able to help you achieve your financial goals, then please feel free to get in contact and we will arrange a free 30-minute consultation over the phone, or if you live locally and would like to meet up face to face then we would be happy to meet up for a coffee

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