An assisted sale of a property that the owners have struggled to sell for the past year. We will be taking control of the site (but not buying it), undertaking and funding the project ourselves which will consist of a full refurbishment of the existing property and carrying out a new build of a property on the adjoining land. Timescales for this are 9-12 months, and the aim is to have both units sold by October 2019.

Bit of a different project here, known as an ‘Assisted Sale’. We have agreed to take on the full refurbishment of an existing property, as well as the construction of a new build property on the adjoining land. We won’t be buying this property but instead will be funding and carrying out all of the works ourselves, with the significant uplift of value being shared between the current owners and ourselves. This means the owners will be able to achieve a higher sale price than they were originally expecting, creating a fantastic result for them.  We’re always looking to create the best outcome for everyone.

This particular project was my first new build, which pretty much went to plan for the build.